Who's Phish Anyway? Ew.

Who's Phish Anyway? Ew.

At it yet again with a Taylor Swift x Phish crossover: the iconic Red Era-inspired T-shirt that says "Who's Phish Anyway? Ew." We created this shirt after being asked this question countless times IRL...

We made the design available to the public when Las Vegas Sphere fans got completely taken over online, upset by the "unknown" band, Phish dominating the venue's social media. With Phans and Swifties restless until they each start touring again, this shirt was an attempt to bring some lighthearted humor to Swiphties ever?

Who would buy this shirt?

  • Swiphties
  • Phans
  • Someone who wants to throw shade at a Phan
  • Loved ones of Phans that have heard the same Tweezer reprise 555 times too many 

whos taylor swift anyway t shirt red era

The Who's Phish Anyway? design is currently available in T-shirt and Tank Top. If you think it'd look great on a different item, reach out to us directly at livemusicthreads@gmail.com or on our socials @livemusicthreads. 

See you at the next show! 

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