The Sphere x Phish T-shirt | the story behind the design

The Sphere x Phish T-shirt | the story behind the design

As soon as the Las Vegas Sphere was announced for development, we KNEW... and I mean knew in our souls that it was destined to have a Phish run. The one-of-a-kind visuals, the sound quality... everything just screamed PHISH! After seeing the construction in person back in 2022, we immediately started thinking of Phish x Sphere T-shirt designs

A little back story on Live Music Threads... I (Taylor) started out as the sole designer for our business. Mike (husband/business partner/PIC) was focused on the backend development of our website and finances. In times where we went on different tours (Eras Tour and Phish Spring Tour 2023), we'd keep a log of potential design ideas as we'd get inspired by the shows. 

Once we were on a little break from tour, I'd get to work designing and creating. Some ideas are simple and funny while others take a lot of time to develop. Some designs don't work at all and we head back to the drawing board. Well.... after a while, Mike saw the need to expand our design team so he started learning how to graphically design using the suite of tools at our disposal. 

I know this sounds wild when looking at our designs. Some are simply text on a T-shirt, right? In reality, we have spent thousands of dollars on concert Ts. It really matters to us about placement, quality of print, and apparel material. Many of our fonts are drawn by hand, like the Swiphtie T, Reputation-inspired designs, and the cursive fonts featured on our Swiftie items (drawn by me :) ). 

Ok ok ok ok.... so back to the Phish Sphere shirt design...

Mike wanted to do something new yet relatable. Visually, he wanted it to look like the classic Phish Rainbow logo we all know, but he wanted the lettering to me more rounded and flowing to capture the essence of a Sphere if you will. 

After several weeks of honing in his drawing skills (again, totally new to him), the Sphere x Phish shirt was his very first design that he created from start to finish completely on his own. 

It may seem like a goofy Phish bootleg, but it has become symbol of how far our business has come for us. A symbol of the amazing Phans we've met along the way. And a reminder as to just how many Phans are crazy about these upcoming Sphere shows as we are. 

So thank you. Thank you for reading. Thank you for supporting our small husband-wife business. Thank you for being the wildly supportive Phans that make this community one of the best in the world. 

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