The Silly goose x Phish Crossover: the story behind the design

The Silly goose x Phish Crossover: the story behind the design

I was listening to Phish as I was booking our upcoming trip to the UK to see goose, happily swaying and bobbing to the jams and vacuum solos. I started thinking about goose must listen to Phish and Phish (or at the very least, Trey) listens to goose. 

My mind wandered while thinking about artists I love listening to each other’s music when an image popped into my head of a silly little goose waddling alongside the water listening to Phish in cute mini headphones. (yes, I was actually sober during this trail of thought)

I then started thinking about how I love the crossovers between this band yet some people in the jam band scene refuse to love both goose and Phish. I thought, you know what? I want to make my silly goose vision come to life as a fun, happy, silly image that is pure joy of music. No need to overcomplicate it, just make something that will make Phans and goose lovers smile when they see it.

Thus, the silly goose x Phish crossover was born. This design features a goose grooving along with Phish donut shades and Phish donut headphones. It really was a cartoon version of what I pictured in my brain, and it still makes me smile when I see it. 

The goose and Phish design is currently available in fanny packs, crop tops, and T-shirts. Stickers and more coming soon! If you want the design on a specific item, reach out to us at or message us on Instagram @LiveMusicThreads! 

Hope to see some of you goose and Phish fans in Manchester or London next week!

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