Sphere x Dead & Company - behind the design

Sphere x Dead & Company - behind the design

After seeing the amazing Sphere shows with Phish, I was immediately inspired to create a Dead & Company x Sphere design for T-shirts and stickers. So, I played  my favorite shows from their Final Tour and started envisioning the graphics I'd want to see at their 2024 Sphere shows...

The first song that came to mind was Eyes of the World (because I was literally thinking about what my eye balls would see inside of the Sphere). It started with rainbow tears falling over the band, quickly morphing into a mushroom forest with a tambourine-playing terrapin in bright colors. 

This design was truly the most fun I've had because I let my imagination go wild. The lettering is hand drawn with psychedelic details. Of course, there's a nod to Las Vegas, dancing bears, and nebula clouds to set the rest of the scene. 


I hope you enjoy it as much as I do! Currently available in T-shirts with many colors and stickers!

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